Friday, August 26, 2011

Battle of Plattsburgh

Plattsburgh, NY - Battle of 1812 Commemoration is happening September 10th & 11th, 2011. Being a War of 1812 event its a later time period than most of our events. The Dark & Stormy crew turn out in full force to participate in the two battles and the Bateau race which is a highlight of the season.

The first year we were in the race, The Dark & Stormy crew had never really all paddled together. Our primary focus was not being last. After a few struggles, we got it under control and actually came in 5th. We've improved since then; last year we came in third.  You can see the very start of the race here with in the middle right. The only rules are... well there aren't really any rules, just you follow the race track and whomever comes in first wins. As a result, blocking other boats and tangling their oars is just as important as rowing like madmen all the way.

This year events will be happening all over town, and in some cases in outlying areas as well according to the schedule. In the back of the Encampment at the Kent-Delord house is the Naval Camp. However we stay pretty busy at this event. Not only the race and battles, but we go to the Israel Green Tavern, we travel through downtown Plattsburgh, we visit the other camps, we're down sailing the boat, we're basically all over the place. A couple of us went to college at SUNY Plattsburgh, so we usually hit the Monopole on Friday (our old watering hole) to have pizza and wings, same as we did back then. Come out and see the show(s).

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