Monday, September 15, 2008

Dark & Stormy Crew

We took the Dark & Stormy out to her first event - Battle of Plattsburgh, War of 1812. This is also where a few of us went to college, so Friday after setting up camp we put on our new duds and went to see which of our old haunts were still around.

Originally this event wasn't on our schedule, so It required some fast work to get our clothes in order. Jamie whipped out 6 hats and 5 jackets in less than 2 weeks. Jp had the pleasure or Tarring said hats, and as we quickly discovered they weren't quite dry. however we did have them to wear. I borrowed a friends slops and a shirt, made up a neckercheif, and got to wear the new purple socks I got at Hubbardton. (Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that.)

This is Chris (Our Gunner) and I Friday before heading out. we had a fine time wandering around town and making a small spectacle downtown. We had a couple of folks fascinated with the clothes, others our mugs but pretty much smiles everywhere we went.

Saturday we had a bateau Race to participate in. Since we hadn't practiced rowing together much nor taken the boat out on a choppy lake, we were hoping to not be last. Jamie kept telling us it was "only another 200 yards" to row (about the third time we ceased to believe his measurements) and we took a wide turn around the buoy. However we ended up 2nd in our class in the race and 5th boat (out of 12) overall. not bad for our first run.

Saturday afternoon was the first of 2 battles we participated in, and we were constantly moving for the entire thing. It was an enjoyable day and the Plattsburgh 1812 association treated the reenactors all to a dinner. Evening activities included singing sea shanties with the rest of the naval crowd, going to the period tavern in town, and of course, wings at Monopole. We went from about 3 of us to a total takeover of the bar about Midnight when a large part of the naval crowd and a few soldiers joined us. Apparently there was a huge fooz-ball playoff that I missed as I went off to bed early (before 1 or so)and the remanider of the crowd stayed for last call.

Sunday brought Rain, which really was not a surprise. Seems most every event we had rain at some point this year. It didn't stop us from having a great day, complete with socializing, wandering through the camp, and of course another battle in the afternoon. We all enjoyed our first outing as Boat trash - and are looking forward to the next time.

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