Monday, October 3, 2011

Revolutionary War at Fort #4

This past weekend, I joined the 29th Regiment of Foot and Von Rediesel's German regiment  at the Fort at number 4.

 Kayla joined us all dressed up for the first time, and we had several folks that daytripped for the event.

Dispite the rain, both battles were held and an excellent time was had by all. 

We made Drunken chicken for the first time this weekend. First there was major discusiion about the recipe and our alterations.  The recipe can be found at MizRebecky's Recipes.

4 Chicken legs weren't going to do it for the group of us, so we substituted Chicken thighs... a lot of chicken thighs.  We were all pretty intent on what we were doing. Exact measurements we impossible as measuring cups and spoons just didn't exist in 1775 so we estimated best we could.

 The recipe calls for 1/4 pint of cider for one recipe. We were doing much more than just the standard recipe, so while Izzy added ingredients, Dave & Rebecca  were figuring out just  how much of which item was needed.  

Adding the Salt, pepper, Mustard and olive oil were all simple tasks. However adding the honey which had sat out over night was more of a challenge.
Marc was trying to keep us in 18th century mode and picked up after us.

 Izzy finally used a knife to get to the last of the stuck honey to encourage it to join the rest of the marinade.

 Then we mixed it up and set it to soak along side of the fire. Once it had warmed out some, we figured we could get the honey integrated with everything else just fine. 

While it soaked, we checked out the battle and some Sutlers.  After about an hour and a half or so of cooking, Dinner turned out to be excellent.

The "dessert" of hot buttered rum also was a hit with the clan. We decided we wanted to share with others, so ingredients were procured and a larger batch was made. Warm Cheer on a cold evening, all heated up in a copper pot.

Saturday night after dinner, a large contingent of the encampment gathered in the Great Chambers on the second floor for singing and entertainment. Much fun was had by all over the weekend.