Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 11 & 12, Hubbardton VT

July 11-12 - Revolutionary War - 23rd Royal Welch Fusilers - Battle of Hubbardton, in Hubbardton, VT.

This weekend we have a small and fun event happening right here in VT. The Battle of Hubbardton is one the colonists lost; however their delaying actions at Hubbardton gave the army the time needed to set up to defend the supply post at Bennington. If the British had captured Bennington, Saratoga would have been a much different event. Without Saratoga, the colonists may not have had France's support and therefore won the war. So although a losing battle, Hubbardton is important to our history.

This is one of the least disturbed revolutionary war battlegrounds anywhere, and the only one in Vt. There is a small vistors centor and a walking tour you can take on the grounds. There is a small fee to view the encampment and battles will occur mid-day Saturday, as well as 8 AM (yes 8AM!!) and 12:30 on Sunday. The size of the event really lends itself to seeing the camps and the people up close, a great place to talk to folks about what they do.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 3, 4 & 5 - Fort Niagara, NY

French & Indian War - Fort Niagara, NY - We'll be headed out to Western NY this weekend. I have been to this site before; Its got lots to see besides the Reenactors. Visit the 'French Castle' or climb up in the blockhouse - lots of beautiful scenery and history to check out.This is the 250th anniversary celebration at the fort, more information can be found at . We're right on the lake, and a side trip to Niagara Falls is easy enough to do while you're here. We expect the 27th Inniskilling will have a large turnout at this event as its one of our main events plus its a three day event which we don't do often.