Monday, May 18, 2009

Culloden in Fort Plain, NY

Our hastily planned trip to Culloden turned out well. There weren't all that many Government troops so our late registration wasn't a problem. The boys went and got a vanfull of wood... and seemed to pick up a few snakes in the process. while it seemed to provide amusement of sorts during the weekend, they did find all the snakes and had them removed by the time it was time to pack up and move out.

The event started Friday night with the landing of the Scottish Prince so we changed centuries rather quickly - usually friday night is just hanging out while Saturday & Sunday are the actual dress up days. This event was a tad different also in that many of the players preferred to use a first person approach to their day, unlike the usual third person events I was accustomed to.

Saturday was a fine day - the boys got some action in, we had some lovely meals, visited with our friends and did some shopping up on Sutler row.... this event was so small it consisted of just two merchants. The ladies were invited to Tea after the battle so I did indeed get a chance to wear my new petticoat and reworked gown. Tea was unlike anything I'd seen before at an event - a musical quartet playing, young servants to share small pastries, silk and brocade gowns, along with a visit from the prince himself.

We had a fine Chicken stew for dinner, and then just about time to go wandering about socializing it began to rain. Most of us choose to stay in camp under our new fly and catch up with each other instead of out visiting in the wet.

Sunday dawned cold and blustery. The scottish camp had had several tents downed by the weather but we were fortunate, a few corners here & there pulled awry but nothing came down about us in our sleep. The traditional Sunday big hot breakfast was well received by all, the ladies gadding about in their cloaks and the lads in their regimentals trying to stay warm in the wind.
We had another fine battle in the afternoon and then a few hours later it was all over. Our temporary home was packed into the cars, and now we have other events to look forward to. Culloden 2009 is over. On to the next!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Countdown to Culloden

Friday we leave for our first event of the season. This is not our typical event; we’ve only done 1745 a time or two before. In this time, it’s the Scottish Clans and the British government at odds with one another. Our fellas play the government troops, and we are surrounded by Kilt wearing men on all sides. There will be bagpipes and most likely some Scottish games, probably a musical gathering Saturday night and yes, a battle on both Saturday and Sunday. More details can be found at if you’re inclined to come see the spectacle. Fort Plain is a new location for us but I’m told its easy to find, right off I90. I’ll be camping with the British Grenadiers, 27th Inniskilling with the tall pointy caps, which should make us easy to find on the campground. Look me up if you come to visit.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lexington and Concord 2009

The first confrontation of the Revolutionary War happened on a cold April morning - known now as the battle of Lexington & Concord. This event is recreated every year - and this year some friends of mine in the 23rd Royal Welch and the 29th Regiment of Foot participated. The conflict at Concord bridge was filmed and has been posted on youtube; check out if you'd like to see the redcoats in action.

The Season Schedule

The re-enacting season is almost here, and I for one am getting antsy. Our annual meeting was held a while ago - there's bound to be a few changes to the schedule, but I thought I'd post the current plan here so folks can see where I'll be when. Mind you this is liable to change, so if there's an event happening that you think you might want to see, drop me an email so I confirm the details for you.

- May 16-17 - Revolutionary War - 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers - Jerusalem Mill Village, Maryland HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to Flooding.

- May 16-17 - 1745 - Culloden in North America - 27th Inniskilling Regiment - We're going to try to get to this event as Jerusalem Mill Village is flooded out. We've done one Culloden event years ago; We play Goverment Troops (the bad guys) here so we'll be vastly outnumber by men in kilts everywhere. Details at

- June 27 & 28 - French & Indian War - 27th Inniskilling Regiment - Fort Ticonderoga, NY. This is a nice event that usually has lots to see. This year the event will be smaller than last year but still a fun time. Some details can be found at well as pictures of last year.

- July 3, 4 & 5 -French & Indian War - 27th Inniskilling Regiment - Fort Niagara, NY. About 8 years ago I went to this fort with a different group and was amazed at all there was to see. We are right on the lake, and the falls are close enough to visit in the same weekend. Details to be found at We're planning on having a large group at this event so we should be easy to find, Just look for the fellows in the pointy hats.

- July 11-12 - Revolutionary War - 23rd Royal Welch Fusilers - We'll be participating in the Battle of Hubbardton, in Hubbardton, VT. This is one of the least disturbed revolutionary war battlegrounds and has a visitors center with a lovely setup explaining exactly what happened there. A great place to talk with the reenactors and see things up close.

- July 18-19 -French & Indian War - 27th Inniskilling Regiment - Fort la Presentation in Ogdensburg, NY. Here you can find not only land battles, but also a strong naval presence. if you've never seen an 18th century boat up close this is a great place to do so. Currently we're portraying land troops at this battle, its too long a haul to bring the Dark & Stormy (our boat.)

- August 1 & 2 - French & Indian War - 27th Inniskilling Regiment - Battle on the Plains of Abraham, Quebec - this event HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to threats of violence by Quebec separatists.

- August 1 & 2 - The crew of the Dark & Stormy - Lake Galway, NY. We'll be camping on a small private beach for a naval event on the lake. Depending on how fast our Captain Darling can sew, we may be under sail at this event. It seems fitting that we test our sailing skills for the first time at the site where we first discovered the boat does indeed float.

- Sept 12-13 - War of 1812 - The crew of the Dark & Stormy - Plattsburgh, NY. This event has both land and naval troops in the battles. Also Saturday there is a period boat race. Last year the Dark & Stormy came in 5th, this year we actually know what we're doing so the hope is we'll do much better.

- Sept 19 & 20 - Revolutionary War - 23rd Royal Welch Fusilers - Gelston Castle in Warren, NY. This is a new site for the company, but we are looking forward to the event, which is sponserod by both the British Brigade& the Continental Line organizations.

- Sept 26-27 - French & Indian War - 27th Inniskilling Regiment - Rogers Island, Fort Edward, NY. A smaller location than most, this event gives guests a chance to visit with the troops and you'll be just yards away from the battle action. Several boat crews will be on the river here, depending on the plan you may see them in action during the battle. This event some of us will portray the 27th troops, some of us will be crewing on the Dark & Stormy.

- October 17 & 18 - Revolutionary War - Crew of the Dark & Stormy - The Burning of Kingston, at Kingston, NY. The Royal Welch Fusiliers will be at this event in force, however the Dark & Stormy is involved in the naval battle. So although I may wander from the one camp to the other, look for me with the boats as I'm doing my naval impression here.

There's other events happening this season; this isn't all of them. However this is the basic schedule, as events get added I will update the blog so folks know where I'll be when. I'm always happy to see folks when i'm out & about, so come check out the fun!