Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Party with the War Buddies

Last Saturday was another get-together with a slightly different group of War buddies. The Halfords invited the 27th & 29th units over to their cabin in Tinmouth, Vt which is about 2 hours from Waterbury. John decided not to go so Eddie & I car-pooled together. The four wheel drive was busted on his truck so we took my car. Due to the snow we started out early but managed to get there just fine.

The cabin is amazing. There is a (very cold) spring fed bathroom whichis rather hidden, but otherwise its pretty much an 18th century kind of place, no electricity and beautiful. Steve & Kathy built it, including the huge fireplace and hearth. Steve makes blackcap wine, and Kathy makes Cider...not your typical Cider, more like the applejack kind; so the booze was flowing and the food was everywhere. I brought my sweet n sour meatballs, always a hit. I use the liner from the crock pot and just put it right on the woodstove, works like a charm everytime.

The guys went out and did a live shoot with their muskets, while we ladies and kids stayed inside warm & dry. Then we had a big meal and many laughs as we all entertained each other with stories and a sketch or two. The cider snuck up and hit a few friends a little hard, which those of us driving found rather amusing to watch. The whole party was 18th century dress, so as it got darker and the candles were lighted you really got a feel for how it may have been back in the 1750s. We headed back to Waterbury around 9, as we decided we really didn't want to crash there for the night. Although it was still snowing we made out fine getting home, although we did get a few odd looks when we made a pit stop due to our clothes.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eddie's Birthday

Eddie, a reenacting friend in town turned 21 - his dad threw a very nice dinner party to celebrate which John & I both went to. Eddie (known as Ed the younger) and his dad (known as Ed the Elder) live in a log cabin, so it was really nice with the Christmas tree and the fire going in the fireplace and all. Afterwards Eddie wanted to go down to the bar in town, so his dad & I journeyed down there with him. Seems Eddie's learned a thing or two from his reenacting friends, who (except for me, the Mic Light girl) are mostly beer snobs.

No Bud Light or Coors for this fellow, he was disappointed to find no Guiness on the menu and settled on Boddingtons. He was very surprised to not be carded; we pointed out the average 21 year old in a bar goes for cheap beer, very few will take the time to read the beer menu and ask the bartender about things not listed. Once we got through that discussion, the band started up and we hung out for a while before heading home. Not a late night but a fun night.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Moving Right Along

In case you didn't hear, John & I are splitting up. We've been having issues for quite some time now, and to make a very long story short, I am moving out. January 3rd is the move date, lets hope for clear and maybe a balmy 30 degrees? (only in Vt would 30 degrees be considered balmy!)

Some genealogy friends, co-workers and reenacting buddies are all coming on the 3rd to help move me out of the apt. I found on craigslist a homeshare type situation in Waterbury center, only a few miles from where the apt is. Big house, another single gal (by name of Z) who describes herself as quirky, enough room for the piano, the king sized bed and even all the boxes. If you don't have the new address or phone #, and would like it, email me at the new email ( and I'll send it onto you.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Holiday Party

So I've been remiss in keeping up with current events. Lets see if I can get you a tad updated. First weekend in December my reenacting friends all gather together at the clubhouse for what we all refer to as "The Holiday Party." Everybody brings some food & usually we have snow (but not this year), but other than that its not really holiday related. Gives us all a chance to get together again. After all the last event has been a few months ago, We all want to catch up on whats happening with who and the fellas can all compare beards. Often we rehash all the events for the past year, sometimes pictures come out, and we banter about the events we'd like to play at next season.

The clubhouse isn't Big - but we do manage to pack all of us in there. A tad chilly at first, the woodstove eventually puts out some heat, and having 20 -30 people in there certainly warms things up (its a tight fit, good thing we're all friendly, huh?) I had a wicked cold that was going around the office but was determined to be there or else. So with a large quantity of dayquil & other assorted meds I was there... slightly off kilter from the stuffed head and meds I was taking. The clubhouse is a fulled stocked backyard bar - plus a keg is ussually going. This year I drank soda most the evening as the cold meds were doing a number on me already, I didn't need any beer on top of that.

This was the year of the Black Watch Plaid. Three fellas were wearing it, one gal had a scarf and there were a few other green shirts in there to complement the plaid wearers. We had a baked ham and ribs, & meat pies to chow on this year; Its always a slightly different menu although Jamie's grandma always makes us cookies. I car-pooled with Eddie (behind me in the pix on the right above) from Waterbury. we stayed pretty much til the end of the party (Midnight? 1 am?). Several of the folks traveling for more than an hour or two crash at the local's homes - Being the clubhouse is 3 hours from waterbury, we stayed the night at the Jp & Sue's house (JP in the plaid munching on the pix on the left) which is typical for us going to a meeting at the clubhouse. Was great seeing everyone even if I was sick, and the party is always a highlight for the winter.