Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eddie's Birthday

Eddie, a reenacting friend in town turned 21 - his dad threw a very nice dinner party to celebrate which John & I both went to. Eddie (known as Ed the younger) and his dad (known as Ed the Elder) live in a log cabin, so it was really nice with the Christmas tree and the fire going in the fireplace and all. Afterwards Eddie wanted to go down to the bar in town, so his dad & I journeyed down there with him. Seems Eddie's learned a thing or two from his reenacting friends, who (except for me, the Mic Light girl) are mostly beer snobs.

No Bud Light or Coors for this fellow, he was disappointed to find no Guiness on the menu and settled on Boddingtons. He was very surprised to not be carded; we pointed out the average 21 year old in a bar goes for cheap beer, very few will take the time to read the beer menu and ask the bartender about things not listed. Once we got through that discussion, the band started up and we hung out for a while before heading home. Not a late night but a fun night.

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