Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Burning of Kingston, NY

October 17 & 18 - Revolutionary War - Crew of the HMS Dark & Stormy - The Burning of Kingston, at Kingston, NY.

The Royal Welch Fusiliers will be at this event in force, however the HMS Dark & Stormy is involved in the naval battle. So although I may wander from the one camp to the other, look for me with the boats as I'm doing my naval impression here.

Weekend details: (feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested) There is a Revolutionary War event happening this weekend at Kingston (rain or shine) and I'll be there playing a sailor on HMS Dark & Stormy. If you've ever wanted to see 'one of those things i do' this is about as close to Pawling as I get. We'll be camping at Kingston Point Park.

Saturday, 10-12 AM the boats will bombard the shore and then there will be British troops landing & fighting the Americans Around 1:30, someplace uptown, there will be a small squirmish and the brits will round up some refugees & capture them. There is also going to be some sort of Boat action at the same time; i should be on the boat. that evening there will be a ball at City Hall, but i do not expect I'll be there. I have a formal dinner to go to, and then I will be at the Pillaged Tavern in camp, or can be found singing in the Naval Camp. Its one of those sailor things we do.

Sunday Boats lauch at 10, bombardment of the shore starts at 11, troops will land and then there is a land battle then a boat battle at 1ish. Battles should end before 2. Once Battles end and folks get back to camp, everything starts coming down in a hurry. A lot of folks like myself have traveled many hours to get there, and have to work the next day, so getting home becomes pretty important. I figure what with stopping to eat, I'll get home after 10 if I'm lucky, probably closer to midnight.

Typically you can observe the camps and wander through during the day. See the different folks and ask them about what they are doing. Also there will be Sutlers there (Merchants) selling different things you might use or keep as souveiners. (shoppings good no matter what the century.) If you wander through the camps, check the boat camp after the battle, see if the crew of the dark & stormy are around; thats who I'm with. I go by "Beck" in my sailor impression in case you're asking for me by name. Hope to see you there.