Monday, March 23, 2015

Summer of 2015 Events

A list of the events happening for the 2015 reenacting season.

27th Inniskilling  Light and Grenadier Companies, French and Indian War

May 16-17th, Quebec City, Canada
A small French and Indian War event

June 6-8th, The Fort at #4, Charlestown, NH
French and Indian War
First event of the season for many of the reenactors, this should be well attended. The Fort itself is a replica of a 1744 fortified village, lots to see here.

July 11-12 Pirate Festival, New Bedford, MA
The crew of the Dark & Stormy may be sailing the high seas and  looting off the shore of Massachusetts.

July 18-19 Founder's Day, Lighthouse Point, Ogdensburg, NY
French and Indian War
27th Inniskilling and the crew of the Dark & Stormy will be attending.

August 7-8 Crown Point Historical Site, Crown Point, NY.
French and Indian War
27th Inniskilling will be in attendance. The Dark & Stormy crew may also be there.

August 15-16 Rabble in Arms Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Vergennes, Vermont
Revolutionary War, complete with replica of  Benedict Arnold's boat, The Philadephia.

Sept 12-13 Plattsburgh, NY
War of 1812
Crew of the Dark and stormy will be there, as will the Inniskilling troops

Sept 19-20 The Fort at #4, Charlestown, NH
Revolutionary War

Sept 26-27 Fort William Henry, Lake George, NY
French and Indian War

Crew of the Dark & Stormy 1740-1815

Please be aware if you'd like to know if I will be at an event, please email me. It's likely I will be attending the events above, but sometimes life gets in the way.