Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 Holiday Gathering

The holidays are upon us, and the 27th Inniskilling will be gathering to celebrate.

We'll be meeting at the clubhouse for our potluck December 12th in the afternoon.

Details available from the  Captain or the Sargent.  Sent them an email if you haven't received one.

Hope to see the whole regiment there!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Summer of 2015 Events

A list of the events happening for the 2015 reenacting season.

27th Inniskilling  Light and Grenadier Companies, French and Indian War

May 16-17th, Quebec City, Canada
A small French and Indian War event

June 6-8th, The Fort at #4, Charlestown, NH
French and Indian War
First event of the season for many of the reenactors, this should be well attended. The Fort itself is a replica of a 1744 fortified village, lots to see here.

July 11-12 Pirate Festival, New Bedford, MA
The crew of the Dark & Stormy may be sailing the high seas and  looting off the shore of Massachusetts.

July 18-19 Founder's Day, Lighthouse Point, Ogdensburg, NY
French and Indian War
27th Inniskilling and the crew of the Dark & Stormy will be attending.

August 7-8 Crown Point Historical Site, Crown Point, NY.
French and Indian War
27th Inniskilling will be in attendance. The Dark & Stormy crew may also be there.

August 15-16 Rabble in Arms Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Vergennes, Vermont
Revolutionary War, complete with replica of  Benedict Arnold's boat, The Philadephia.

Sept 12-13 Plattsburgh, NY
War of 1812
Crew of the Dark and stormy will be there, as will the Inniskilling troops

Sept 19-20 The Fort at #4, Charlestown, NH
Revolutionary War

Sept 26-27 Fort William Henry, Lake George, NY
French and Indian War

Crew of the Dark & Stormy 1740-1815

Please be aware if you'd like to know if I will be at an event, please email me. It's likely I will be attending the events above, but sometimes life gets in the way.