Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fort de la Presentation in Ogdensburg, NY

July 23-24 2011, we made the trip up to Ogdensburg again. This year is different. Usually the 27th Inniskilling goes  as land troops, but this year they were supporting Springfield, VT's celebration. So the Dark and Stormy crew brought the boat instead and we had a blast. 

 It was a beautiful weekend, plenty of time on the water for all of us.  We participated in our first bateau race at Fort de la Presentation this year. We came in third, although thats up for debate as not everyone followed the same track to the finish line.

We also spent a fair bit of time trekking from the Navy camp on one side of the site to the British camp and the Sutlers.  We did make our usual trip to the Freight house next door for dinner. These folks have good food and are very welcoming to the reenactors.   A few things were different - we didn't get lost downtown this year. We knew ahead of time of the doughnouts and breakfast goodies the community donates, so morning coffee was not a struggle. The weekend went smoothly and we're looking forward to bring the boat back next year.