Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crown Point Aug 13-14 2011

This was a  big event for the 27th Inniskilling at Crown Point. Well worth traveling to, we had one of our “all up” events where all Inniskilling members try to go for the weekend. We ended up with about 38 folks all told.

This is the one place we go that has two forts to explore along with the usual hustle and bustle of an 18th century encampment. A dry Sunny day on Saturday, followed by some overnight rain, and a slightly damper day Sunday.

We did some serious cooking over the fire to feed our regiment. There was french bread, buttermilk-honey bread, rye bread, 2 pies and some quick pastries along with a large dinner featuring pork and corn just to name a few menu items for the night. We certainly eat better than the actual British Army did.

We had some 18th century singing and entertainment along with our usual hiliarity in camp. We also had our traditional toast to the Inniskilling soldiers that were here in the 1750s at the barracks in his Majesty's Fort. The boys fought in a few battles and the ladies cooked so we all ate like kings. An excellent weekend indeed.

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