Sunday, August 30, 2009

The final weeks of the Reenacting Season

- Sept 12-13 - War of 1812 - The crew of the HMS Dark & Stormy - Plattsburgh, NY.
This event has both land and naval troops in the battles. Also Saturday there is a period boat race. Last year the HMS Dark & Stormy came in 5th, this year we actually know what we're doing so the hope is we'll do much better.

- Sept 19 & 20 - Revolutionary War - 23rd Royal Welch Fusilers - Gelston Castle in Warren, NY.
This is a new site for the company, but we are looking forward to the event, which is sponserod by both the British Brigade& the Continental Line organizations.

- Sept 26-27 - French & Indian War - 27th Inniskilling Regiment - Rogers Island, Fort Edward, NY.
A smaller location than most, this event gives guests a chance to visit with the troops and you'll be just yards away from the battle action. Several boat crews will be on the river here, depending on the plan you may see them in action during the battle. This event some of us will portray the 27th troops, some of us will be crewing on the HMS Dark & Stormy.

October 17 & 18 - Revolutionary War - Crew of the HMS Dark & Stormy - The Burning of Kingston, at Kingston, NY.
The Royal Welch Fusiliers will be at this event in force, however the HMS Dark & Stormy is involved in the naval battle. So although I may wander from the one camp to the other, look for me with the boats as I'm doing my naval impression here.

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