Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 8 & 9 at Crown Point, NY

August 8 & 9 - French and Indian War - 27th Inniskilling - Crown Point, NY.

This weekend is the annual French & Indian War encampment at Crown Point, NY. At this site you get to see the ruins of not just one but two forts. The French Fort Frederick is the older of the two - and the French blew it up in 1759 when the British approached it, as they knew they couldn’t hold it and didn’t want it used against them. Once the Brisitish arrived, they decided to build their own fort…not on the ruins of the first, but in a slightly different spot. The British fort was never formally named and is known as "His majesty’s fort at Crown Point". This much larger fort has the walls of two of the barracks buildings still standing, and a small narrow path at the top of the earthen walls, so you could indeed walk around on the tope edge of the fort in most places.

The French forces are typically encamped over by Fort Frederick, and the British are usually parked out near the water’s edge. Originally this was a "maybe attending" event for our group; however it seems we have several folks interested in coming out to play, so there should be more than just one or two Grenadiers to be seen. Bring comfy shoes, a cooler, and plenty of sunscreen to spend the day exploring the site and checking out the encampments. Originally there was no battle here but tactical demonstrations will be held mid-day for folks to see how it might have happened, as well as some naval interaction with period boats.

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