Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You Might be a Reenactor if...

I've been a 18th century reenactor for some time now, i believe its 13 years now. Its not something I ever thought i would get involved with, but I'm glad I am. Reenactors are a special breed of folks. They come from all walks of life, and everyone has their own reasons for being involved in the hobby. How can you tell if someone is a reenactor? there are lots of signs thats for sure. Below I've listed ways to tell if someone is a reenactor - these aren't all mine; I've borrowed heavily from others. I probably forgot a few also; feel free to add more in the comments section.

You might be a reenactor if...

Traveling 150+ miles to sleep out in the rain is your idea of a fun weekend.
You've ever spent over 200 dollars for clothes that went out of style 230 years ago
You wear wool when its over 90 degrees out - repeatedly.
You flinch when someone calls your 18th century clothes a "costume".
Your best tent is white canvas without a floor
You go vehicle shopping with a musket and a eight foot ridge pole.
People all over the country have your picture in their vacation photos.
You base career decisions by the impact on your weekend availabilty.
You can spot 100% linen at 50 feet
After a wet weekend, your back yard looks like a refugee camp.
You've ever been confused for a dead guy.
You've been filmed in a movie.. or three
Your child can sleep through cannon fire
You've ever been mistaken for an Amish person.
You've spent $1000 for a gun that needs a sharp rock in it to work
All your male friends hand.
Your children correct their history teachers.
Your $20,000 car sits out in the weather, so your $200 tent can stay in the garage.
Woodsmoke, gunpowder and bacon are three of your favorite odors.
Your mailman is confused (what the heck rank are you in the Reserves anyway?)
You have a better collection of History books than the local library.
Your Christmas/birthday wish-list reads like a quartermaster's supply list.
Your friends refuse to attend any historic movie dramas with you.
You grow your hair long so you can get rid of your wig.
You spend more on your reenacting shoes than all your other shoes combined.
In three days you eat out of the same bowl six times, but only rinse it out twice.
You can't sing without a mug of something in your hand.
You have strange tan lines.
You need to open a beer bottle and look for a bayonet
You plan your wedding around the summer schedule of events.
90% of your friends have long hair.
The best Christmas present you ever got was a cannon.
You already own all the books at the historical site gift shop.
You almost failed  history, but now know the battles as well as when they happened and why.
You know how many days it is until the next event.

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