Sunday, April 4, 2010

Total rant... living next to Norwich students sucks.

I will Never, Never, Never! move into a place again knowing college students are living next door. Please shoot me if I even consider it. Having an absentee landlord doesn't help the situation much either. I recall having a lot of fun in college, but i never recall being this rude and disrespectful of the neighbors.

The good news is the snow is gone... so getting in and out of the driveway is not so much a problem now. The bad news is when it melted it shows just how many beer cans and garbage is all over the lawn where the kids have thrown them. I just wonder how many more are under the layer of leaves that was never removed from the lawn in the fall.

They're supposed to take care of the lawn... and were supposed to take care of the snowplowing over the winter to. I finally had to set up a plow guy and paid him myself when the bill came - the kids have yet to pay me back their share, and I bet they never will either.

I did finally find the package they accepted from UPS for me in December - when the snow melted off the liquor bottles on the lawn, I saw a beige package in the midst of them. I went and checked it out - it was my package that they had pulled open, saw what was in it (including the slip with my name on it) and then must have thrown it out in the snow with the booze bottles.

The trash is still where it was in November - only theres a lot more now - a good 15 or more bags of trash in the garage just sitting there stinking up the place. Just as disgusting as can be. I'm a little embarassed having folks come by as the place is a pigsty. I have no idea how the owners think they are going to sell it.

Its finally gotten warm here in Vt - and I thought that would be a good thing. Apparently not because now its over 60 degrees it means the house is party central, i think half the campus has come to visit. Last night it was 2:30 AM before the slamming of doors, screaming and cheering stopped. Tonight... well who knows how long it will go on. I hate to call the cops on a bunch of kids...but I'd like to enjoy my sleep too.

These Norwich students have no respect for anyone. It really sucks living next to them. Which is too bad, I've done a lot with the place to turn it into a home. I've got six more weeks of this nonsense to get through. That might not seem like a long time - but right now every night seems like an eternity.

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