Saturday, November 28, 2009

My new kitchen with the minature sink

Well I've been in the new place a week now. Still have boxes to unpack and figuring out what to keep and what to pass on to others.
The kitchen is taking shape.
Its a lot smaller... but seems fairly user friendly other than the minature sink. I'm not exaggerating - the sink not as big around as a piece of paper. Washing the cookie pan has been a challenge to say the least. Just wait til the real baking begins, I may have to follow up on that suggestion from a friend to wash stuff in the shower, it might be quicker and with less water spilled/wasted.
It's nowhere as big as the last kitchen - but for now this will work just fine. At least one corner of the place has gotten organized. The rest... will be done someday, hopefully soon.


  1. James Beard fed tons of friends i his New York flat and always washed his gourmet pans in the bathtub..let the baking begin

  2. Well now I feel better about really considering the shower washing as an option. My reenacting friends seem very concerned, because the brownie pan is definitely not going to fit in the sink for washing either.